With HAUS.by.NINA you do not need to enter straight away into a full-blown contract for the design &/or drafting services. We encourage you to do small steps, one at the time.

During Covid isolation, this service is available as an online-only service.  Communications can be sent via email, meetings can be conducted via skype or facetime.

This review is your risk-free and low commitment way to start your project.  The Needs & Options Review is part of our process to create a written report as the outline and foundation for your project.  We offer this service as a first step before design work and drawing begins.

We invite you to do your homework and soul searching with us and offer our guidance to find out how you would like to live and why.  We advise if your current property can be renovated to achieve your dream and how it all can go together with the applicable Building Regulations and your budget in mind. 

You only pay a small fixed fee and don’t have to enter straight away into a full-blown contract for the complete design and/or drafting service.  We will also deduct this initial small fixed fee from your following invoice if you choose to progress into the next stage with us.  

A Needs & Options Review gets ideas out of peoples’ heads and into one actionable document.  This process aligns minds, focuses visions and gets everyone talking the same language.  It determines the possible building envelope and sets the rules as per building regulations.  This gives a clear direction when developing the concept into an approvable drawing set.

Your document will clarify:

Your brief in detail
  • Assessment of the current usability problems of your house
  • Summary of your ideas and plans for your renovation
  • Statement of your allocated budget and timeline
  • Assessment of your plans and ideas for practicality and feasibility
Potential issues there may be with the site, project brief or council controls.
  • Assessment of plans and ideas for practicality and feasibility
  • Assessment of plans and ideas to suit Building Regulations
  • Summary of building regulations and possible building envelope, ie. side setbacks, building heights, allowable area and landscaped area etc.
  • Information on cost estimates for your project.
Advice on feasibility to bypass Council (DA) via a Complying Development Certificate (CDC) and the associated requirements.
Overview of documents and services required to start with and for submission for approval.
  • Information required to progress into the design and/or drawing stage.
  • Checklist of documents required for submission of your application to Council or PCA (Private Certifying Authority).
  • Consultants and Engineers that might need to be engaged.
A detailed quote from HAUS.by.NINA to work with you through the next stages, with a full set of Drawings as required for the submission for DA or CDC.
Initial sketch plan layouts, reflecting your brief and building regulations.

̽(Optional Extra, additional fees apply)

At HAUS.by.NINA we spend a bit of time gathering and focusing all this vital information before we enter into the concept design and drawing phase. We believe this assures that you can make informed decisions on layouts and looks, with the best chance of approval by Council or PCA (Private Certifying Authority). It greatly reduces your risk of wasting your time and money through making amendments later in the process, when a change of mind becomes an expensive exercise.
If for some reason you decide to not go ahead with HAUS.by.NINA, the valuable insight you gain from this review can be used by any other Architect or Designer and will ultimately produce a better outcome for you.

The Needs & Options Review Process

1. Initial Meeting with Nina

This is an information gathering session, where we will talk about what you would like to achieve and why, your house and your site, your budget and your timeline for the project.

During Covid isolation, this meeting can now be conducted online via Skype or Facetime.

2. Follow up Meeting with Nina
In this meeting, we present your Needs & Options Report. You can ask us all the questions that you still have about the start and process of your project
During Covid isolation, this meeting can now be conducted online via Skype or Facetime.
3. Building your dreams
Take the first step today! 
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We look forward to creating with you a better space for a happier you.

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